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Garth Lewis

Before everything else: colours and shapes in a certain order, ideas, materials, information, accidents, tastes, other interests have there part but in relation to the continuous, practical process of reflection and action with coloured paints on surfaces.

In recent times I have become inceasingly involved with computers, and their relation to colour. This has influenced my painting, there is a willed empathy between the colours, sense of light and energy of my work and the illuminated computer screen, even when this is expressed in a broad, painterly approach in corporating a mix of practical, hand techniques.

I'm interested in the differences between painting, direct and physical with colour which is subtractive and the computer, indirect, virtual, mixing coloured light. Before everything else.

Hornsey College of Art - London
University of New Mexico - USA
Queens College, City University of New York - USA

1992 Tricycle Theatre Gallery - London
1991 "Small is Beautiful", Flowers East Gallery - London
1989 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery - London
1988 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery - London
1985 30 London Painters, Royal Academy of Arts Diploma Gallery - London
1984 English Expressionism, Warwick Arts Trust - London
1982 Queens College Art Gallery - New York
1981 Yamaki Art Gallery - Osaka, Japan
1980 Air Gallery - London
Oriel Gallery - Cardiff
1979 Newlyn Art Gallery - St.Ives
1977 9th Festival International De La Peinture
Cagnes Sur Mer - France
1976 Summer Show, Serpentine - London
1971 Queens College Art Gallery - New York
1969 Fine Arts Museum - USA

1987 European Illustration, 87/88 Internos Books - London
1979 Contemporary British Artists, Bergstrom & Boyle Books Ltd - London