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Andrew Simpson

Andrew was born in York in 1984 and began experimenting with manual photography at the age of 12.
The experimentation soon developed into a passion for the medium, and he began working with the emotion and atmsopheres of Black & White film to achieve types of photographic language.
After leaving school, Andrew went on to study photography and fine art at a local college which introduced him to many different genres and technical styles, allowing him to work with a wide variation of subjects. After leaving college in 2001, Andrew found a new passion for digital imaging, and produced new works which included techniques such as superimposition and exposure effects.
Andrew enjoys working with digital imaging because of the potential development the image has within a visual arts context. His intentions of his works are to illustrate, reinforce or otherwise develop the significance of the subject while leaving their readings open to the prejudice of the individual.
Andrew currently exhibits his works in three other fine-art and home interior galleries accross the Yorkshire region and his current collection named 'Solitude' relates to the spacial meanings and lonliness of the natural landscape.
As a member of The Royal Photographic Society, Andrew is working towards an internationally recognised distinction for one of his previous collections and intends to work further with photographic language and digital imaging to produce a large format series of 'wide-angle' black & white compositions for next year.