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Julian Thomas

Projections, 'Photoespaña 05 en la calle/', Photoespaña June 05, Madrid.
CONTACT, Festival of Light, Toronto (May 2005)
Projections 'Photoespaña 04 en la calle', Photoespaña 04, Plaza Santa Ana, Madrid.
Gallery Forster. New York. April 2004 'Images waiting for a metaphor'
Agrupación Fotogràfica de Catalunya. Barcelona. February 2003. "Impressions of Place."
Certamen National Taboracrom Ciudad de Talavera. Nov/Dec 2002.
TheSight6. Estados Unidos, 'e' exhibition. February 2002. "Signos Urbanos."
La Rosa de Foc. Barcelona, October 2001. "Signos Urbanos."
Scroop Terrace Gallery. Cambridge, UK. June 1992. "Form and Function."
The Junction. Cambridge, UK. November 1992. "The Gig."
London College of Dance. Bedford, UK. 1990. "Dancers."
Linguablanca 3
Millenium Images Volume Three. (ISBN 0954866800)
Scene of the Crime Design Works, Cologne, Germany Issue 6 Dec/Jan 2004/05
Idanda, New York. March 2004
Catalogue of Certamen National Taboracrom Ciudad de Talavera.
SHOTS 78. December 2002.
SHOTS 76. June 2002.
Certamen National Taboracrom Ciudad de Talavera. 2002 - Honourable Mention

Despite having 'always been a photographer' Julian Thomas is self-taught. Until recently he combined photography with another career. Before turning fully professional in September 2000, Julian taught sociology at both universities in Cambridge, UK. He studied with ex-Magnum boss Charlie Harbutt in the summer of 2001 at the Duckspool Photography Centre, Duckspool, UK.