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Jacqueline Talbot

My paintings are largely inspired by organic, fluid shapes including human, animal and natural forms. Sometimes they are juxtaposed with geometric shapes to create a strong contrast between the two. There is also a contrast between the natural forms and the bright and sometimes synthetic colours of the paint that I use.

I like to inject a lot of colour into my work as I feel it breathes life into it. I donít tend to restrict my colour palette too much as I believe it denies the painting possibilities.

Over the last few years my work has started to move from figurative to more abstract. I am rediscovering the love of pattern making that I had as a child, which has given me the freedom to explore new compositions and push boundaries in my work.

Art education:

BA(hons) - Fine Art: Printmaking and Book Arts - Croydon College

MA - Fine Art - University of East London