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John  Ives

John Ives is a Brighton based artist.
Aswell as exhibiting his work in Brighton he has had shows in
London and Vancouver.
His work ranges from surreal street and ocean scapes to expressive scenes
of humanity and nature. Reinterpreting current and timeless issues through dreams, memories and the endless realms of imagination.
He has exhibited in various group and solo shows.Some of which are below:

In 2004 John exhibited at the POP! Exhibition in Brighton alongside artists such as Banksy and Jamie Hewlett.
In 2005 he turned his hallway into a gallery on 4th avenue Vancouver,Canada called Hallway 2052 with the help of other artists and was there for a year.
In 2006 whilst exhibiting at The painting pottery cafe, Brighton John painted a 20ft/10ft mural of Humpback whales on the outside wall in the busy Brighton lanes which recieved alot of interest.
2009-2010 John was a resident artist at Julie Anne Gilburt's gallery in Brighton where he painted in an open studio and exhibited his work.
John's most recent solo show was in August 2010 at The Harvey Gallery, Guildford, Surrey. Over the 2 week show John painted in the gallery and auctioned the piece online for The Whale and dolphin conservation society and SeaShepherd.