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Emma  Gunningham

The process and content of my work are inextricably bound together. I paint with translucent glazes, creating veils of colour, which I slowly build up layer by layer, repeating and overlaying. I conciously choose to paint with shapes that are intrinsically impersonal and universal. Exploring the thin line between control and chance I employ a process in which the structure that I build up paradoxically begins to break down, and a sort of fluidity emerges. With repetition comes change, and with change an inevitable disintegration. This can be purely visual phenomenon and also a metaphor for life. The impersonal use of geometric shapes becomes highly personal and the paintings take on their own identity as the hard edges become blurred and softened creating a potentially poetical space in direct opposition to the closure of the grid.In the finished work an essentially flat surface is made to glow and radiate a sense of movement and depth.

In 1980 I left Reading University with a first class honours degree in Fine Art. I became a founder member of Art Place Trust and took part in setting up and building Chisenhale studios in the east end of London. I am still painting there now and have taken part in numerous Open Studios, as well as group shows in Chisenhale gallery. Other showing venues include South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell; Waterloo Gallery; The Showroom, Bethnal Green; The Whitechapel Open; The Woodlands Gallery, Blackheath; Merz Contemporary Art, Earls Court; Tom Allen Centre; The Fox Reformed, Stoke Newington; Stoke Newington Gallery; Moorfields Hospital; Dash Gallery. I have six paintings, two commissioned, on permanent display at Esca, Institute of Chartered Accountants, as well as many other paintings in private collections.