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Roger Seaton

Trained as a Graphic Designer, and having worked extensively in Europe and Scandinavia, my work has until recently, tended to reflect the commercial environment in which I operated. Painting was then viewed as a break from the pressure of deadlines, briefings and presentations. Gradually it became more and more important to me. The time came to choose - I chose art!
More recently the exploration of organic and fluid forms have come to the fore. Ripples on a pond, strange organisms viewed in a microscope, vegetation being blown by the wind and lashed by rain.
Inspiration for this recent work comes from numerous sources. Found objects in the environment - Sandstone collected on a beach in the Inner Hebrides, slate from the Welsh Hills, volcanic ejecta found in Iceland, driftwood, seed pods, rusted metal; the list is almost endless.
Whatever the subject, I still feel the need to bring a graphic ‘edge’
to my work. I can only attribute this to the designer in me trying to get out. Whether he does or not - only the viewer can decide.