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Nacho Lascaray

Nacho Lascaray devotes his creative time developing the expressive qualities of materials not normally associated with painting. Such as Sand, Concrete, Tar, Marble and Metal.
His use of industrial materials produces incredibly delicate, elegant artworks


I have been working from 92 as a personal need . Up to now I ´ve made 900 paintings ( I have more than 5000 sketches to work on ) and 35 sculptures of different materials : Aluminium , Bronze , Iron , Glass , Porexpán , Gold....Resuming my evolution , I would say that from 92 to 97 I worked exclusively with black acrylic on hand made paper , from 97 I began a process of searching and developing new techniques for working on paper until I invented the technique of “Iron Oxid on Paper” wich I continue developing since then , having left apart completely the acrylic.

From 97 to nowadays I have been dedicated to research and develope the expressive possibilities of materials not normally associated used for painting such as Sand , different kinds of Concrete , Industrial Varnishes , Marble powder , Tar paint , Cardboard...........on cardboard or canvas.



When someone takes a look at any of my Works, the reaction can be summarised almost always in the same questions: ¿what means? ¿what do you try to say? ¿What is it? ¿What represents?..... I would like that my own work would be the one which answer these questions, since it is quite embarrassing for me to answer them, but the experience have realised me of the fact that that pretension is too ambitious, because of this I will attempt to make it by writing.

Basically I understand my Artistic work as a form of expression, personal and unique. There are people that composes songs, write books, poetry, others direct movies, others design and build buildings...... etc., I feel the need of expressing myself through my works,. Most of the people will be questioned: ¿expression of what? for me the answer is well simple: My theory in this regard is the following: I believe that the brain of each person is a kind of shaker that absorbs all: What you see, what you read, what you hear, what you feel, what you make, what you don't make, your conversations, your fears, your aspirations, your ideals, your deceptions, your experiences, your foods, your drinks, your sprees, your sex , your love , your relationships, your friends, your enemies, your huffs, your happiness……. in a nutshell YOUR LIFE, all this, conscious or unconsciously goes mixing in the shaker of your brain and you serve it materialised in each work that you accomplish (at least in my case). It is the reflex of a very deep part of you, almost as a "son" .

There resides the great importance that I give to each and every work, it is part of you, and every time someone looks at it, I believe that it is as if your you were there, I believe that speaks for you. They are objects that before were not existing, now there they are, it is something yours and of nobody else in the world, it is unrepeatable. They are something that only a while ago solely you could see it, an image that only was within your head, within your brain. When you accomplish it materially and you see that what your eyes can see is what saw your brain, and what before only you could see, already you can share it with the others, for me is something actually valuable.

I consider my creations as something very nearby to the music, something difficult to express with words and that basically I believe it can be considered as feelings. From time to time you listen a song, you see some scene in some movie, or you read something that produces you an interior feeling, a chill, that sensation or vibration is the one which I would like my works to produce in the one which looks at them, and that are those which I've transmitted when were created. Therefore the first intention in each work is that : a way of expression and self reflection. Undoubtedly, but in a secondary way, I also attempt that turned out to be something beautiful, that it will be something harmonious, that each element that composes is related to the other, what is empty to what is full , a form with the other or with himself and that , finally, turned out to be something balanced, a coherent work, that has sense in itself, that self explains, that doesn't need to be accompanied with words (that would be difficult to give).

These ideas are referred to my intention when I create my works, other aspect that interests me is the effect that produces in each spectator. As I believe that each artist is different and therefore the work that accomplishes must be unique, also each spectator is different , unique , and his reaction to the work is something own , that reflects how he is. In front of the same work there is people that seems to him abhorrent, to some don't like, to other likes, to some of them lets indifferent, there is who understands it, who don't understand it, who values it, who despises it....... all those different reactions to the same object I believe that actually define how each one is and their way of thinking. Not better or worst , only different....

And finally I´d like to end with a sentence I love from Shih T´ao : “ I speak with my hands , you listen with your eyes”



11/97. Head Office in Vitoria of the C.O.A.V.N.
(Oficial Basque-Navarro Architects Association).

04/99. Jamete Art Gallery (Cuenca / Spain).

02/00. Art Gallery Arte XXI (Madrid). “ Paintings “

04/00. Zeppelín (Vitoria).

05/00. Massé Space of Art (Vitoria). “ B&W “

11/00. Río (Vitoria) – “Concretes”

02/03 Iradier 9 Art Gallery (Vitoria) - " Recent Works "

03/05 Iradier 9 Art Gallery (Vitoria) - " Varnishes "

11/06 Iradier 9 Art Gallery (Vitoria)

02/10 Iradier 9 Art Gallery (Vitoria)

04/11 A-Cero In Showroom / Joaquin Torres Architects (Madrid)


12/00. Zuloa Art Gallery ( Vitoria ) – “Art Supermarket”

10/02. FAIM ( Madrid ) Independent Art Fair in Madrid