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Ros Sheard

I work mainly in oil.

In all my work I try to capture a feeling of movement, of life – of now, in a dynamic pattern of shape and tone and colour.

Mainly I paint peoplescapes. People in groups, people in crowds going about their busy lives, engrossed in their thoughts and preoccupations. People interacting consciously with other people, but unaware of the pattern, of sometimes intimate interlocking shapes, made by their body language in juxtaposition with total strangers.

London stations have been my main source of inspiration. The background architecture makes an almost abstract counterpoint, in its formal solidity, to the fluid organic life of the people moving through the stations. Each station, with its own distinctive light, is the perfect stage for small human dramas, and points up our anxieties and neuroses about the minutiae of everyday life.

I find I am increasing depicting a satirical view of the world we live in. Everywhere I go, on buses and trains, in the street, I see irresistible images and comic scenarios being acted out before my eyes.

I also paint loose seascapes – mostly in watercolour, and record local seasonal events (regattas, Cowes week, open air art festivals) in on the spot pen-and-wash studies.

I have just started printing some of my images on digital fine art paper and am very pleased with the results.

This year I have also been experimenting with grinding pure (brilliant!) pigments to make my own oil paints, (and for egg tempera), and found it stunningly exciting. I felt in touch with Renaissance artists and the whole history of art as I tempered first cobalt blue and then orange oxide on my marble slab!


Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

London Exhibitions:

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition - 2000

Mall Galleries:

Discerning Eye - 1992

Hilliard Society - 1977

Llewellyn Alexander Gallery :

Million Brush Strokes - 1997 - 2000

Not the Royal Academy - 1997 - 2000

Westminster Gallery:

Society of Women Artists - 1997 - ’98 - ’00

Royal Miniature Society - 1995 - 2000

United Society of Artists - 1996 - 2000

Gallery 47:

Society of Limners - 1994 - 1999

Regional Exhibitions: (from 1993)

Hilliard Society - Wells, Chrischurch, Wimborne.

Society of Limners - Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds

- Permanent Exhibition, Aberdeen

Kendall’s Fine Art (Marine) - Cowes, Isle of Wight

Alchemist Gallery -Yarmouth Isle of Wight

Inside Art Gallery - Ryde, Isle of Wight

Three Island Artists - Ryde Library Gallery

Ros has also has her work in several private collections.