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Jacek Lasa

Born on the 25th of May 1963 in Maków Podhalanski.
Completed studies at the Academy in Cracow;
Degree in Painting in 1990.
I deal with painting, drawing and graphic.

About my paintings
In my works I most often deal with topics such as: landscape, portraits, the sacred.

My painting of landscape are usually inspired by my own photographs.
I don’t copy those photographs but try to find and show their personal climate and colour.
Sometimes I transform a particular landscape to such an extent that it changes into an abstract work of art and becomes only a blurred reflection of the landscape that had inspired me.

The inspiration of my portraits are people from my surrounding as well as people known from the Media: musicians, actors or people from commercials.
In a portrait I try to show spiritual side of the person.
I look for something that is mysterious and inscrutable something that you can only see through the eyes of your soul.
Through painting portraits of other people I also try to show my own reflections and my emotional states.

The sacred
Because I have grown up in the Christian tradition, sometimes in my works I also undertake the topic of the sacred.
The starting point for a painting are words from the Bible.
I take a quotation or a thought and I try to express it in a plastic form.
I look for a composition, a symbol, which could get close to the heart of a particular word… if I can’t find a from that world satisfy me I write the text on the painting.