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Tian Liusha

Ding Zhenggeng

The contemporary Chinese art has never been as diverse and synchronically global as it is today. Such an arena could not be more complimentary to artists like Tian Liusha. Tian, by exploring the essence of humanity and its subtle transformations in the community, delivers his thoughtful expression in a most straightforward manner. Both his performance art and his “Skyline” series are artistic attempts to narrate and question the fissure between urbanization and rural culture that overtly co-exist in South China. Tian’s bona fides and perseverance as reflected in his works have singled him out to be one of the prominently recognized figures among his peers of the 1970s-born Canton-based avant-garde artists. Moreover, his latest “” paintings are technically more adept in re-activating traditional Chinese art motif. No doubt that this new series has said the painter’s critical reflection on the traditional arts and in particular, it has been the artist’s manifesto of his search for the values lost and his commitment to the community and its people. Indeed, Tian’s decade-long art practice and frequent overseas visits have served as good investment on the young and promising artist. We are looking forward to more of Tian Liusha’s creative edge and his role as a committed artist in the dynamic art scene in South China and nationwide.

Guangzhou, 30/04/04

Tian Liusha Tian Hanquan born in Puning County, Guangdong Province, 1970.
1994 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Guangdong Fine Arts Institute, one of the founder of Chinese Cartonized Personality school of art and typical Representative of that genre, now a free lance artist.

Participant in the following exhibitions:

1994 —The 3rd Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art ;
China Art Exposition ’94;
Tian Liusha West Coast Oil Painting Exhibition.

1995— Tian Liusha Paris Oil Painting Exhibition.

1996— First Exhibition of Cartonized Personality ;
Chinese Art Exposition ’96.

1997— Second Exhibition of Cartonized Personality;
First Exhibition of Artistic Practice at Guangzhou .

1998— Third Exhibition of Cartonized Personality;
Personality Urban Personalities and Art Exhibition ;
Arts and society Exhibition.

1999— Itinerate Invitatory Exhibition of China46 Contemporary Arts
(Shanghai, Melbourne, New York, Paris and Taipei);
Guangdong Emerging Art Exhibition;
Second Exhibition of Artistic Practice at Guangzhou;
Chinese Pop Image Exhibition of the 1990s.

2000 — Cartonized Personality Network Exhibition;
COPYPerformance Art Exhibition.

2001— The Second International Open Arts Platform Exhibition
--Performance Art Exhibition;
Tian Liusha Bizu art gallery exhibition at Guangdong Gallery;
The Sixth Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art ;
Games Epoch Pictorial Exhibition.

2002— Sino-Japanese Performance Art Festival;
Tian Liusha Yi Pin Ge Painting Exhibition .
Tian Liusha ZHEN MU Paiting Exhibition.
To Each His Own, Contemporary china Art Exhibition

2003— Tian Liusha YiXiang Ge painting Exhibition.
Tian Liusha LuHu Painting Exhibition
Annees culturelles franco - china, Tian Liusha the flying Exhibition

2004— Tian Liusha Bizu art gallery exhibition at Guangdong Gallery;
Guangdong Emerging Art Exhibition

Media news report

The author's art pieces and biographical notes covering the period 1994-2001
have been respectively entered into the following publications:

* Chinese Modern Art History
* Contemporary Chinese Art
* Artscircle;
* History of Chinese Modern Art Exhibition
* Jiangsu Pictorial Magazine
* Colorful Vulgar Culture and Chinese Contemporary Art
* Artlife
* Gallery
* Fine Arts Gazette
* Artist
* Chinese Pioneer Art Today
* Urban Personalities and Contemporary Art
* Everybody

The author was accorded special interview by the Fine Arts Galaxy Program of
The China Central Television, Guangdong Satellite Television and Hunan Satellite Television He was also granted special interview by several newspapers:
- Nanfang Daily
- Guangzhou Daily
- Informationtimes Daily
- Modern Weekly
- guangdong.hongkong communication Daily
- Nanfang mart Daily
- guangdong info times Daily
- shenzhen Daily
- yangchen evening paper Daily
- new personality TV Daily
- Nanfang
- guangzhou English morningpaper
- shenzhen youth Daily
- golden age

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