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Jeanette Thomas

Originally from a small village in Carmarthenshire in West Wales, since lived in Yorkshire, London and now in Cardiff. I have always had a strong passion for the arts. I have worked most of my life promoting equality in the arts for disabled people and also teaching ceramics to people with learning disabilities. All of which I find really rewarding.
For a long time I was only able to explore my own creativity at weekends or evenings due to other work commitments. But 4 years ago I was able to build a small studio at my home and this has enabled to spend more time perusing my own creative work. I am now in the position of being able to work part time spending the rest developing my work and marketing it to galleries around the country.

Foundation Course Art and Design – Dyfed College of Art, Carmarthen
BA (Hons) Art education Studies – University of Wales, Cardiff

Working in clay is the most absorbing and fulfilling thing I do – when I work in clay hours go by in an instant almost like meditating in action. My work is very spontaneous working directly onto the clay with no clear preconception of what will emerge, except that they will take the form of faces. Faces have always fascinated me, their individuality and how each holds the essence and spirit of that person. I feel the soul emerges from the clay to reveal itself to the world – the goddess that lies within. I also want to portray the sense of peace and serenity and to share that feeling within others.
My work is influenced by African and Asian culture and emerges as masks and full size heads all female in gender.

Past Exhibitions
St David’s Hall – Permanent Waves Exhibition 1998
Oriel Makers Gallery, Cardiff 1999
Bute Town Art and History Gallery 2002
Arts Matters, Tenby, Pembrokeshire 2004
Raul Speak Gallery, Solva, Pembrokeshire 2004
Llanover Hall Arts Centre March 2005
S4C slot on Welsh Arts Magazine Programme Sioe Gelf
Icon Gallery Eton Windsor July/Aug 2005
Betty Morton Gallery, Brixton, London Dec 2005
Cecilia Coleman Gallery St John's Wood London from April 2006