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Lars Schotzau

Born on 4th October 1976 in Berlin, it was here that I spent the first 18 years of my life.

After those 18 years my life changed drastically, I left Germany and moved to London, a city that never stands still. A place that has opened doors for me, which previously, I had never seen before.

Is not everyone of us thinking about the sense of life sometimes? Not the general sense, which philosophers like to discuss for ages, but the personal sense of life. Probably I have found this within this city, a life which is greatly dedicated to art.

In my early years I already held great interest in art. Paintings by surrealists such as Dali and Magritte influenced the way I viewed our environment and myself. While others, like Alex Grey, gave me a wealth of thoughts regarding the integration of artists in todays society.

Regarding photography, photographers such as Newton, Uelsmann, Ray, Halsmann and Schatz have all borne their influence upon me, but I have always been on a search for my own style.

A style that describes myself and that reflects what is hidden inside me, a search for the art with which I can identify myself completely. I am at the beginning of my personal development, as I see art as a constant development of the personal 'I', and one which will never cease.

I have to say that all of these influences have only given me impulse. Isn't life the biggest influence itself? The world in which we live provides enough input. Man is constantly searching for definition of life, the search to live life in a manner that is true to the soul.

now I moved to Barcelona after 7 years of living in the madness of London so lets see what we can achieve on the sunny side and lets see what kind of stuff I will produce in the town of Modernism....I wish you all a wonderful day because life is too short to be miserable all the time