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Rade Markovich

I was born in 1957 in Serbia .
I paint since 1984, and make sculptures, functional sculptures and artistic furniture since 1993.
I am owner and founder of artistic workshop ˛RM˛ where I make all that stuff. I live and work in Belgrade.

In Serbia and Montenegro

Mladenovac 1992
Arandjelovac 1993
SNP, Novi Sad 1994
Subotica 1997


KCB 1992
Gallery "Atrium" 1995,1996
Gallery "Alkion" 1996
Gallery "Bozidar Adzija" 1998
Instituto Italiano di Cultura 2004
Gallery "Stara kapetanija" 1999

First price was from Gallery ˛Atrium˛ in Belgrade 1991, and a last one was Special Award for sculptural furniture on Belgrade Fair of furniture in 2004.