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Fabio Guida

Brief Biography:

Fabio Guida was born in 1977.

Live in Bernalda (MT) Italy where he goes on with his artistic projects and works.

Degree in Political Siences at Cattolic university in Milan in 2001, with final job in anthropologic and etnic urban comunication titled “ Dissuade City “.

Master in Cultura and linguistic mediation at Universita La Sapienza Roma in december 2003.

Speak fluent English spanish french porugues and german.

He loves trep around the world to knows new people new places.

Knows many graphic informatic systems.

His passions and interests are:
Direction , film-script for videoclip reportages , short films , video poems , Photos ,paintings , graphic.

He showed in Lisbon ( Bairro Alto), Berlin ( Postdammer ) Paris( Sur le motif , cultural association)

Finalist 2004 at European Lexmark art prize , and shows in Milan at Triennale in October 2004 with one of his job
Show in Permanente Milan with 2 jobs for tsunami in may 2005-03-31

Selected with “ rottura di muri “ at crespina art show and published in “ Collinarea festival”

Play like dj elettronic music new wave, chil out , play drums guitar and bass.