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Renee Smith

Renee Smith

Creatively inspired by colour, retroisms, architecture, design and form, Renee abandoned a career of art for a future in marketing. Long live the passion and here she is.

Her work is a celebration of colour. Colour through structure and funky form and colour through contrast in explorative brush stroke. Expressing two sides to a colourful character – allowing her to express an organised and Aquarian approach and letting her break-free and surrender purely to emotion.

Her pieces are designed to be visually appealing to the eye, to contribute positively to their environment and to draw on linear parallels within industrial expressionisms.

Combining retro influences she has produced a tonal series made up of random shapes. Fitting form within shape, the highlight for her is in the tonal arrangement of grouped colours and the expression of grouped colours through stripes. The series is a favourite and is never finished.

Contrasting this work, are her pieces that show colour combinations in celebrative tone.

Her work moreover combines functionality and form – Renee uses acrylics on wood. The use of wood allows the piece to have it’s own texture, it is solid and allows the piece to contribute in an industrial manner to a space.

Funktion Series – drawing on retro inspired shapes, this series is funky, colourful and adds boundless energy to a space. Designed to appeal to the eye, create attention and respond to it’s surroundings. These pieces fit form and stripes within space on a tonal playing field.

Mirage Series - Somewhat timeless, these pieces have been noted to draw on influences from Monet’s ‘waterlilies’. To Renee they are purely expression through brush, with a thought to attend to the eye. Perhaps they express a desire to be nearer to water and this is what is seen.

Renee's work can fit into a space or be commissioned to suit an existing space. She welcomes the opportunity to produce commissioned works.

June 2007