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Sylvie Gral

Sylvie Gral was born in Cauderan. As a painter, she has exhibited at the 'Arbaca Gallery' alongside the painter J.Cohen and sculptor Isaac Danial in Paris, at Abney Hall with the group of artists and at Waterloo Gallery in London.
She has got a B.T.E.C Award in Visual Arts from Chesea College.
She has studied 'Art History' at the Sorbonne and also studied Carving stone at the W.M.C college in London and Mouldmaking and Casting at Central St Martin with Nick Brooks.She has given an executive dance lecture "Contemporary Ideas of Composition" Interarts 2000/01 seminar organised by Miss Pistone of the Observatoire Musical of the Sorbonne with F.Rousseaux, A.Bonardi, F.Drouillon.As a composer, she has studied composition under F.Donatoni,
G. Magnanesi,L.Berio
and following master classes at the Royal College of Music with Andrew Manze, lewiS Kaplan, Phillip Sheppard as listener and she has perfomed several concerts in France, Italy, and London with prolific musicians.

'My preferred technique is the 'scraping method', whereby I apply several overlying coats of paint and scrape away with a knife to reveal the different layers of colour and to create a relief effect. The other paintings have been inspired by various shapes, both geometric and unusual to create a fractured universe.


2010 Musical drama "Somptuaire" at the Cockpit Theatre with Raewyn Lippert, Stefani Sommer, Valerie St martin, Hannah Davis, Raquel Cabello
2007 Londres- Accueil/ St Pancras Church, in London with Per Rundberg, Valerie St Martin St 2005 Cyprians Church with Silvia Mandolini and Valerie St Martin (Concert and painting exhibition)
2005 Clarion Contemporary Art, London
2005 Waterloo Gallery, London
2004 Abney Hall at Stoke Newington, London
2004 St Cyprians Church with Brigitte Poulin, S. Mandolini
2003 B.M.I.C at St Cyprians Church with Sylvie Gral, Silvia Mandolini
2003 St Mary le Bow with Silvia Mandolini as soloist
2002 Italy - Forum Austriaco di Cultura a Roma with Per Rundberg
2002 St Mary le Bow, in London with S.Mandolini, Lindsay Bramley
2002 St Mary le Bow with Catherine Nardiello, Sylvie Robert
2002 B.M.I.C (British Music Information Centre) London with C.Nardiello, Sylvie Robert, Silvia Mandolini
2001 Sorbonne University, Paris (Concert Hall) with K.Croquenoy and S.Robert
2000 The Arbaca Gallery in the Forum of les Halles, Paris with J. Cohen and I. Danial, K.Croquenoy