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Andrew Shepherd

My work is constantly changing, both in the medium and in the subject. I love to experiment with many artistic forms, always trying to capture a particular thought, feeling or memory. Sometimes even nothingness.

With photography I love to capture the everyday, sometimes in detail to expose the interesting shapes that surround us, sometimes the bigger picture. Urban sprawl, powerful and dynamic weather and natural colour and texture are favourite themes.

There is nothing finer to me than to capture the intricate detail of a character through burnt wood on paper. Portraiture, capturing slight nuances of expression through subtle shades of grey and black, and the most important, the spaces, is my real love in charcoal.

Exploring the multitude of new creative possibilities brought about by digital technology passes away many an hour. From landscapes catured in exquisite detail, to arhitectural rendering and cityscapes, through still-life. Creating every detail, every shape, every colour from nothing and then seeing a virtual space in all it's glory, digital, it's the way forward.

Alongside the digital is the realm of the mathematical. Beautiful shapes, self-organising, evolving, with just a little help from the creative. Expressed in just a handful of equations, a whole world of beautiful images.