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Leon McCurdy

Digital Brush Strokes

Originally coming from a photographic background I developed an interest in the work graphic designers and illustrators were producing, having had a hand in Photoshop since version 3 mainly as a desktop darkroom. It wasnít until the final year of my degree at Falmouth Art College that I pushed the boat out and started seeing what I could do with the image editing programs available.

I love the use of Digital cameras and the manipulation programs available. Some people donít like classing computer generated images as art but the keyboardís Mouse is no different to a paintbrush: itís all about visually recording ideas and concepts.

In the work I produce I use subtle shapes and lines only visible when viewing close up, a lot like an artist dabbing his paintbrush, producing detail only visible close-up. These Digital brush strokes are what give my work character and depth.

Currently producing work on canvas, which gives the images a more artistic feel, I am also producing work on art-based papers to give the images more texture.