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Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor studied painting in America, setting up a studio and art gallery on Long Island where she worked alongside established professional artists. She returned to the UK in 1983 and with a small daughter to raise put aside brushes and started a PR and event management company in London, specialising in film, theatre and television. For 12 years she promoted clients at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1990 she moved to the West Country and continuing with the event management side of her business, began working as a producer of large outdoor festivals. Daughter through university and out in the working world, Annie started painting again in 2003 and has been working full time as a professional artist since June 2005, taking commissions and exhibiting in one woman and group shows in London and the South West. She lives and works in the French Pyrenees and occasionally in Dorset, continuing her work as a painter on both sides of the channel.

Next Exhibitions:

May 7th - 21st Chapel Row Gallery, Bath, England