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Ronnie Tucker

I'm a thirty-five year old self taught artist, living in Glasgow, who began painting when I was in my early teens. The dawn of technology rose and I moved away from traditional media and more toward digital art which I still dabble in using various PC packages such as 3dsMax and Photoshop.

After producing many pieces of artwork I realised that with digital art I really had nothing. I didn't have anything physical. I didn't have any artwork I could touch, feel and say that it was truly done by my hand. I felt that the computer was doing all the hard work for me. Multiple undo's and fancy effects at the click of a button made me feel as though I was cheating. It was becoming to easy almost.

A change had to be made.

Just over a year ago I took up painting again in my free time. Initially in watercolour and watercolour pencil then I gave oils a try. I quickly found that oils were my preferred medium. I still love watercolours and the accidents it brings but for the majority of my work I use oils.