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Cassius  Cassini

Heres a little about myself, I'm Phil Dalton aka Cassius Cassini my alter ego in the pop art world. I like to investigate new truths, and present them in my view. There is no substitute for disciplines necessary to create great visual art. The principles of good design and composition are here bent to new heights. Good art is produced when the idea, the media, the artistic skills are combined with personal integrity...

Well as an artist and I plan to really push myself, my work is very much modern art I'm inspired by the artists Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstien, Piet Mondrian, Willem de Kooning, Banksy and Francis Bacon. I work with mixed media, Acrylics, Lazertran, Corel Painter, Marker Pens and now Spray Paints, I love to paint modern culture and come in at a differnt angle with my art. I'm a bit of a perfectionist which is a pain sometimes as takes me forever to finish a painting but love to keep busy with new projects. I do like simplistic versions of people in paintings like Warhol and Opie painted however I also like to paint lush paintings that are rich a great on the eye. I use both traditional and digital techniques to create most of the artwork as it gives much more options in getting the results I'm after.

I have been into art ever since his childhood, was pretty much always keen in drawing comics when I was younger and always had a sketchpad with me. I studied art and design in my teens but my new unique style has developed in the past 5 years so you could pretty much call me a self-taught artist. My art is very much about colour too and I'm forever fasinated my the magic of combinations of colours, I love 60s pop art and inspired hugely by it.