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Gabriela Szulman

The starting point for my current prints is memory and memories. The work is constructed through layers, much in the way that memories are created, distorted and re-created. The resulting image is a combination of textures, shapes and photographs.
The photographic component of the work, often blurred, fragmented and hopefully subtle, is the "anchor" or focus for each print -the eye is aware of a number of different marks and images but zooms in on a face, an expression, a pose, a perceived situation.

The reason I choose to work with family photographs (both my own and other people's) is that I see them as emotionally powerful metaphors for human memory -they represent an irrecoverable past, something that has been and will never be again. They are personal documents which tell a story, both through the moments that they have captured and through those they have left out; they hold a record of the previous as well as the painful. They preserve our past and at the same time, inevitably and by their very existence, they distort it. One could even say that they negate or block memory -once a visual record exists, it replaces the memory in our minds, it promotes the forgetting of the moment it recorded.

I propose that memories are not organized in any logical or coherent way, but more like a web of emotional and visual associations with no universal truth to tell but as many angles on the truth as there are memory-holders. Somehow, I attempt to capture this in my work, both through the process of construction and the resulting print. At the same time, I also hope the images thus generated will resonate at an emotional level with the viewer's own meanings, recollections, stories. Even if we do not see anything in the image, it provokes our own memories and causes us to remember situations that share similarities with that which we see in front of us.

Education and Qualifications

2005-2007 Brighton University, Masterís Degree in Studio Printmaking
2003-2005 Morley College, Workshop Course in Printmaking
1989-1993 Camberwell College of Arts, BA Degree in Three-Dimensional Design (Ceramics)
1987-1989 Sir John Cass School of Arts, Certificate in Ceramics
1981-1983 London University, BSc Hons Degree in Psychology and Sociology