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Emma Glibbery

A lifelong passion for art, especially life drawing and figurative painting combined with career in Graphic Design led me to produce the graphic art works you see here.

I began painting professionally in 2002 producing a body of work that, in 2003, I exhibited across London. These early pieces depicted icons of music, film and television, the style originating from photographs and influenced by my background in graphic design and interest in interiors from the 1950ís, 60ís and 70ís.

My paintings appear to be a series of shapes slotted together that up close almost look abstract, but when viewed from a little way away clearly show the form of a face or figure. I don't believe in pretentious concepts at the expense of techincal ability. I prefer to focus on the asthetic and producing work that is a pleasure to have on display.

In 2004, I began using photographs shot specifically for the purpose of my paintings so that each piece could be guaranteed to be original. In these new pieces I use the same graphic style developed on earlier paintings but draws on my interest in life drawing and itís uncomplicated simplicity.

I feel that it is important that all of my paintings are hand painted rather than digitally printed. I am also quite particular about the surface being very smooth almost giving the appearance of a screen print. As a progression from traditional acrylics, I am experimenting with glitter paint and fabric, working on a series of graphic tropical motifs using felt and hand stitching alongside the nudes.

Exhibitions include a series of shows in London in 2003, a group show in Hoxton in 2005 and the Battersea Contemporary Art Fair in May 2006. During 2004 I lived and worked in New Zealand, selling my work through galleries in Mount Maunganui and Wellington.