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Julie Beresford

Largely self-taught apart from a year’s art foundation course in Portsmouth at the age of sixteen.

I am interested in several different mediums, including photography, painting, pastel and drawing. I like to use line in a strong, bold manner, and sometimes like to use colour the same way.

My work is mostly figurative. I try to capture something unique from each of my subjects, the intention to make the resulting piece of art memorable.

Most of my work is directly inspired by personal experiences that have touched me in some way. I have become aware that some people find some of my paintings uncomfortable to view, and such reactions interest me. None of my work is intended to shock or dismay, but is simply an expression of aspects of my life.

The internet has been a successful way of getting my work seen, as it overcomes the restrictions inevitably placed upon me by family life. I have sold many pieces to collectors in the US and Europe as well as here in the UK. This has been, and continues to be, very encouraging.