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Anne Vibeke Lauridsen

The art is a blend of new and ancient. The expression is modern and icon alike yet it develops associations to the friezes and frescos of the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Anne Vibeke Lauridsen has over the years developed her very own techniques, which help emphasize the unique expression in her works. Always painted with oil/structure on canvas (4 cm deep stretcher - sides painted white so framing is not necessary if wanted).

Anne finds her inspiration from the Antiquity and the Middle Ages, which offer a cornucopia of beautiful fragments. Impressing friezes and frescos. Grandiose buildings and ancient fragments with Latin inscriptions and ornaments. From this time we also find an inexhaustible source of captivating poems works of well-known poets and philosophers like for instance Ovid, Pliny and Vergil. She adapt these fragments and texts in her own unique way and bring them to a new life in a modern icon alike expression.

The Latin texts are primarily for the visual impression. But at the same time they build a glimpse of mystique at first sight. It rouses ones curiosity. Does it have a meaning? The texts can be Latin maxims, poems and descriptions often taken from ancient poets and philosophers. Just as they could be taken from the Latin Bible. Perhaps they support the story of the paintings perhaps they are just there because they have something on their mind.

Born in 1963 and has worked full-time as a professional artist since year 2000. Prior to this she had a freelance career as a graphic illustrator for 17 years. Anne has had numerous exhibitions across Denmark and Sweden at art fairs, galleries etc and this comming Fall also in Italy. She has sold to businesses and institutions as well as private collectors in Denmark and abroad.