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Nasim Shahid

Nasim is a qualified Fine Arts Painter. Her paintings are an exploration of the meaning to be found behind the veil of reality. Her energy is the life force that is present in her art.
Her paintings have warmth of exotic colours and she relies wholly on the quality of monumental simplicity in her particular field. Her process of painting is contemplative rather than based merely on observation. Her work then becomes a means of extracting from nature a meaning and a value that goes beyond representation.Her paintings were exhibited and sold in Germany,in America and recently in Dobai.Her paintings were also sold in auctions
M.A Fine Arts (Painting), Brighton University 2002
B.A (Hons) Fine Arts, Northbrook College, Worthing 1999
Diploma in Print-making, Northbrook College, Worthing 2000
M.A Psychology
M.A SocialWork
Brighton University
King's College Hospital Gallery St Mark's Hospital Gallery
St Richard's Hospital Northbrook College
Bricklane Gallery
Sussex Open
Synergy Gallery
May Festival
Eagle Bistro
Body Talk
The Art Gallery

Brighton London Harrow Chichester Worthing London Brighton Brighton Brighton London Brighton Rottingdean

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Four paintings were published in UK Women Artist Diary 2000 One painting was published in Leisure Painter, November 1996