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Marco Secchi

Marco is a professional photographer and currently lives in London and Edinburgh, works all around the British Isles.

Marco often covers assignments involving the leading members of the Royal Family and his work is being published extensively in UK, Italy and abroad. He undertakes press, editorial, publicity and commercial work as well as private commissions, on a national and international basis. Stock imagery can be found on Getty, SuperStock, Age and Alamy. Press and Editorial work is syndicated Worldwide by RexFeatures, UPPA,WpN.

A large part of his works comes from Advertising Agencies, he is often approached to work on complete projects that requires the use of specialist photography and advance systems. Using the latest and most sophisticated equipment allows him to work to the tightest of deadlines and give clients immediate high quality visualization and results.

Style is an individual characteristic and is best depicted through raw, energetic images taken in the bat of an eye lid. This is a crucial element in Marco's photographic work, he strives to come up with new ideas and angles to capture outstanding illustrations of every day life. He is experienced in portraying city life and buzz but also landscape and aspects of rural culture which are fast disappearing. He brings his unique perspective to a variety of subjects.

His press work has been published internationally in a variety of newspapers, magazines and books. Recent customers include: New York Times, Radio Times, CBS, The Herald, Matin, Grazia Magazine, The Scotsman, The Times, Hello, Financial Times, Gente, National Geographic, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, MSN, The Independent, OK, Readers Digest, Emel, Guardian, Eastern Eye, Newsweek, PC World Magazine, Metro, YOUR, Paris Match, Bild Am Sonntag......

“My father had a shop of photographic professional equipment and material and during one summer holidays I was more or less "forced" into being interested in photography, I read and learnt in particular about Ansel Adams and some Italian photographer as Fini, Ferreto e Boconer while playing with Ilford paper and old box cameras from Lamperti & Garbagnati.

I loved the strong contrast and resolutions in Black and White photos they managed to obtain. I found myself constantly watching the light changing and mentally framing pictures. It soon became an addiction that has taught me to 'see', leaving me little time to simply 'look'. Photography is very intuitive to me. It is strong relationship with the subject that drives me to seek possible combination of subject and light. ”