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Dragomir Savovic

My name is Dragomir Savović (1960), and I am painter from Belgrade.

A new visual exploration - that is how I would call my works by which I try to create something between a cartoon, a comics and a caricature. People mainly look funny to me in their strivings towards their goals and that is what I try to express in my pictures. Vain attempts to accomplish our ambitions and life goals make us sad, but all these situations may be also perceived and experienced as comic. All of us seem grotesque, more or less. This is roughly what I am trying to present.
The art that I create is not conceived in advance. When I start painting, I most often do not have any notion of how I shall begin the painting, and even less of how I shall finish it, and that presents a great adventure for me. In any case, I try to review figuration and to give it some new dimension. That is why I don't paint routinely, but spontaneously, without premeditation.