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Paul Laroche

Paul Laroche is originally from Budapest, Hungary and now lives in London. While studying his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting at Academy of Fine Arts (MKE) in Budapest he engrossed deeply in other arts and sciences such as composing classical music, writing, pshychology, philosophy and math.

He has been painting for 20 years and went through on most of the painting and drawing techniques and styles during his studies, but his extensive interest in sciences and other arts has lead him back to the baroque and renessaince ages, techniques and approaches.

He learned from the main characters of the Hungarian contemporary art-life on the Academy that still kept the traditional style of teaching fine-art and painting-techniques.

His favorite artists are Leonardo, Michelangelo, Veronese, Rembrandt and Goya, painters that all had a very different approach in painting because of their distingueshed ideas, musical interest, philosophical thinking and pschychological deepness.

He is striving for renewaling the fullness and health of Renessaince Man in an age where only the unhealthy soul and/or body can get some attention.