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Alex Lanser

Alex Lanser

2002 “Gallery Jan Go” Prague. Czech Republic
2002 “Gallery Millennium” Prague, Czech Republic
2003 “Helena gallery” Prague, Czech Republic.
2003 “Hotel Corona” , Karlovy Vary, Czech republic
2007 "Gallery RA", Kiev, Ukraine

1. Exhibition for republican painting. - Kiev. 1989.
2. Exhibition republican of the Art schools and sculpture. - Kiev, 1990.
3. The exhibition republican of painting - Kiev, 1991.
4. The exhibition of Ukrainian art. - Munich, 1991.
5. The exhibition of painting and graphic art. - Konin, Poland, 1991.
6. The international exhibition of the Art schools "Impreza" - Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine.
7. The personal exhibition of illustration of book. - Kiev, 1992.
8. The exhibition of autumn of painting. - Kiev, 1993.
9. The international exhibition of the Art schools "Impreza - IV, Ukraine, 1994.
10. The personal exhibition of Galerie painting "Tared". - Kiev, 1994.

Various private collections in Prague, NY, London, Ireland, Cuba, Greece, California, Texas, LA, Chicago, and other States of America


2002 Wall murals (mural acrylic colors on acryl surface), private villa in Kiev.
2003 Hotel Corona, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
2004 Blue prints for Bisazza mural for private villa basin in Prague.
2004 Numerous commissions for Telecommunications companies – art for offices.
2007 Wall mural art commission for living apartment 3x8metrs
2008 Design for Bisazza wall mural


MBA National Academy of Arts in Kiev, Fine arts and interior design
5 Years Abstract art and contemporary movements in National Academy of Arts in Kiev



1. Shop window of firm "Liberty" /g.Moscow, 1995g./
2. Picturesque panel of casino "Novoarbatskoye" /g.Moscow, 1995g./
3. Painting of children's drugstore "Novoarbatskaya" /g.Moscow, 1995g./
4. Interior club "Petrovskiy assambleya"/gostinitsa "Of natsional'". g.Moscow, 1995g./
5. New-year shop window of firm "Milan" /g.Moscow, 1995g./
6. The interior is of the concert hall of the club Of "tropikana" /g.Moscow, project 1997g./

Decorations for concerts..
1. Gala- concert "song -94"/Kremlin, g.Moscow, y99yag./
2. Concert the "day of family"/Moscow palace of young people, g.Moscow, y99shchg./
3. Concert the "day of knowledge"/Central recreation park by them. Gor'kiy, g.Moscow, y99shchg./
4. Concert "day g.Moscow "/Vasilyevskiy is descent, g.Moscow, y99shchg./
5. Solemn concert, dedicated to the 50- anniversary of victory/Kremlin, g.Moscow, y99shchg./
6. Concert, dedicated to the day of the police/GTSKZ "Russia", g.Moscow, y99'g./
7. Concert, dedicated to the 300- anniversary of Russian fleet/Kremlin,g.Moscow, y99'g./
8. New-year idea in the city hall g.Moscow/ City hall, g.Moscow, y99'g./
9. New-year idea for the children of soldiers and colleagues OF MVD/the theater of Russian army, g.Moscow, y99'g./
10. Solo concert Of laymy To vaykule/GTSKZ "Russia", g.Moscow, y99shchg./
11. Solo concert A.Malinina/GTSKZ "Russia", g.Moscow, y99shchg./
12. Solo concert of Valerie Syutkin "7000 above the earth"/GTSKZ "Russia", g.Moscow, y99shchg./
13. Solo concert A.Varum "The sleeps Of anzheliki"/project 1995g.-! 99'g./
14. Solo concert, dedicated "to the 25- anniversary of the creative activity of thesinger of Larissa Dolinoy/ the project of y99shchg./
15. the Gala- concert Of mayi Of plesetskoy "directly from the large"/ Siti- center, New York, y99'g./
16. Solo concert Of vLeont'eva "along the road into Hollywood"/ GTSKZ "Rossiya"g.Moscow, Large concert hall "Is oktyabrskiy, g.Saint Petersburg, Palace of sport,g.Kiev y99'g., y99"g./
17. Solo concert I.Ponarovskoy/ GTSKZ "Russia", g.Moscow, y99"g./
18. Solo concert cabaret- duet "academy" "wedding"/GTSKZ "Russia" g.Moscow, Large concert hall "October" g. Saint Petersburg, y99"g./

COMMISSIONS (both private projects and TV studio decoration projects)

2001 Studio decoration for First National Channel, Decorations for Evening New program. Design workouts, main idea and detailed archicad design. (attachment# 1)

2004 Wall murals (mural acrylic colors on acryl surface), private villa in Kiev.
2005 Hotel Corona, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
2004 Blue prints for Bisazza mural for private villa basin in Prague.
2004 Studio Decoration and design workouts for 3 INTER channel. Talk show “I know everything about you”