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Richard Stuttle

I have been a professional artist for four years with a special interest in watercolour and oil painting. While enthusiastic about all natural and energetic subjects, my particular passion is painting amateur and professional sports athletes.

My work to date captures subjects participating in urban sports, snowboarding, skiing, parkour, skateboarding and surfing. My inspiration comes from the skill, precision, motion and energy of the athletes, which I then work to capture on the canvas.

Now living in London I am concentrating on a series of paintings and exhibitions to illustrate the changing capital city and performance of the British Olympic athletes in the run up to London 2012 Olympic Games.

A Seasons’ Art, Office du Tourisme, Meribel, France, 22nd March – 4th April 2009
• A series of oil paintings of professional snowboarders and skiers in partnership with Meribel Alpina’s pro rider team, The Moon Crew and the British Land Ski Championships 2009
• A collection of watercolour and landscape paintings of the French Alps, its mountainous terrain and wide spanning beauty
• Oil paintings of traditional French alpine chalets and land marks

Art throughout the Season, Office du Tourisme, Meribel, France 4th April – 18th April 2008
• A selection of oil paintings of professional and amateur snowboarders and skiers
• Watercolour landscape paintings of the French Alps and traditional French Savoie life scenes

• Changing Face of Scarborough, Alan Stuttle Gallery, Scarborough, 2008 - 2009
• Art Space, York, November 2008
• Scarborough Painters Group Exhibition, The Crescent Art Gallery, 2007

Official partner of the British Land Ski Championships, 2009
• Produced two 30” x 40” oil canvases of professional race skiers during the event:
- Sophie Readman, British Junior Champion 2008, British Ladies Alpine Ski Team
- TJ Baldwin, British Downhill, Super G & Giant Slalom no 1, GB team

Official Artist, 45th Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival, Turkey, 2008
• Commissioned for three original oil paintings capturing the spirit and occasion of the festival
- Champagne in the lounge, Hillside Su Hotel
- Pool party with Chicago
- Stars of the Festival

Official artist to Whitetracks, Alternative Winter Activities & Snow Sports, 2006-2009
• Produced a series of paintings for Whitetracks capturing the adrenalin and excitement of the company's events and activities, including: Bob sledding, Hot Air Ballooning, Helicopter flights, Dog-sledding and alpine airplane flights
Artist for Meribel Alpina’s pro-rider team, The Moon Crew, 2007-2009
• Produced ten oil paintings of professional skiers and snowboarders performing on the mountain, in the air and in competition

Produced many watercolour landscapes and topographical paintings, oil portraits and landscapes for clients, both in the UK and France

Travel and Art
• Produced a number of landscape and action paintings while travelling in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand, 2003 - 2005
In developing my work and exhibition portfolio on the 2012 Olympics I am focusing on three very different, but closely linked, elements of the Games:

‘Athletes of London 2012’
• With a focus on skill, health and determination in sport, I am currently focusing on a series of paintings over three years capturing the training, dedication and performance of the London 2012 Olympic athletes.

‘London’s’ underworld skill and talent’
• With a view to encouraging and engaging more young people in skilled sports and exercise in the run up to 2012, I am working with top athletes from London’s urban sports scene: parkour, BMXing and skateboarding, to illustrate the passion, precision, strength and dedication found in any talented sportsperson and the parallels between traditional and non-traditional sports.

‘London – the run up to 2012’
• As the London landscape and skyline is transformed for the Games I am touring and producing paintings of the various Olympic sites: the Olympic park, arenas, stadiums and facilities at different stages of development, to show the colossal efforts from all involved in bringing successful Games to London.