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Frances  Sillué

Francesc Sillué, is a painter with a restless spirit, born on the 24th of February 1936 in Barcelona. This would later cause the mature expressive painter to cast his artist's eye upon open-air markets, antique stands, flocks of pigeons on the cobbles and dolls shop windows. These apparently disparate scenes would all be expressed with the same longing, a result of his childhood experiences, to separate and savour each and every detail in a barrage of aromas and colours that he creates with a natural touch.

Francesc Sillué was destined for the workaday world. He, however, had different ideas and chose to work his way through several industrial engraving workshops, while in his spare time he attended classes in Fine Arts at the School of Arts and Crafts. Thus, he gained considerable experience as an artisan, a skill that would be very useful to him in his artistic life.

In 1959, having just turned 23 years old, he made the sudden decision to set out for Paris. After a few days, he had joined the group of those who quenched their souls' desires and set their hands to sketching and painting in the Place Tertre. Thus, he began to take advantage of his enforced bohemianism to visit museums and get in touch with the artistic world within his reach

Between 1965 and 1969 Francesc Sillué lived with his new family in Bergen, Norway and in Uppsala, the major cultural centre in Sweden. Art is vitally important in the northern lands and Sillue's work, following in the footsteps of the impressionists, was warmly received. Sillue moved to London. It was 1969 and the move to the British capital seemed to be a final decisions as far as his artistic life was concerned: He discovered the street markets. From 1982 Sillue began to alternate his exhibitions between London, Norway and Catalonia, though he soon took up residence in Sitges. It was a return to his Catalonian beginnings, but in a cosmopolitan environment, open both to tourists and to the ever-beckoning sea. His current studio, facing the beach of San Sebastian, offers peace and quiet for many months of the year while satisfying his restlessness and his itchy feet.


1962 Galerie Philips, Paris, FRANCE

1963 Galerie Le Solstice, Marsella, FRANCE

1964 Adamo Art Gallery, New York, USA

1964 Rudi Simons Gallery, Detroit, USA

1965 Gallery Latina, Stockholm, SWEDEN

1966 Gallery DA, Bergen, NORWAY

1970 Great House, Manchester, UK

1974 Seen Gallery, London, UK

1976 Gennesys Gallery, New York, USA

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1980 Seen Gallery, London, UK

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1983 Seen Gallery, London, UK

1984 Siverts Gallery, Oslo, NORWAY

1984 Siverts Gallery, Barcelona, SPAIN

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1986 Siverts Gallery, Oslo, NORWAY

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