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Ciprian Stratulat

Son of Romanian painter Vasile Stratulat, Ciprian was born in 1977 in Iasi, Moldavia region - home of UNESCO world heritage painted churches and monasteries from 15 and 16 century, representative by their original architecture and polychrome frescoes. Surrounded by art from an early age, the painter dedicates his time to restoring and painting neobizantin style churches and depicting human spirit in poignant oil portraits.
Ciprian lives in Iasi with his wife and two children.

Artist profile

Ciprian is attracted to realism and has numerous paintings in private collections in US, Japan, UK.

Iasi Art School, professor Huhurez Zamfir
1996 Restoration of interior painting of Ramnicu Valcea Church, neobizantin style
1998 - Restoration of interior painting of Heroes Monument in Iasi
2006-2008 Interior painting of Saint Spiridon Church, Vladeni Iasi
2008 Interior painting of Saints Peter and Paul church, Strunga - Iasi

Personal exibitions
2000 Personal exhibition la Casa Armatei Iasi.
2008 Hidalgo Art Gallery