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Jenni Sinclair

Personal Statement:

A painting contains magical and real truth and fictions. I am interested in depicting the unsaid, the elephant in the room, what lies beneath the veneer in the eternal drama and dynamics of family relationships. My work explores the general experiences of childhood, the formation of identity, the influences of beginnings, the inherent humour and pathos of our lives, memory, how we believe the myth of ourselves, and changing perceptions over time. For example, what lies beneath the surface of an informal family snapshot? What the photograph doesn’t say is what fascinates me - the ubiquitous school photograph has many untold truths. Photographs are an endless source of inspiration but only a starting point. Through drawings I move quickly forward with my own interpretation and the photograph is afterwards rarely referred to. Distortion throws up grains of reality and lends irony to the image. Through my ideas I learn about memory, human nature, relationships, truth. Through my painting practice I aim to subsume my knowledge of the visual language of paint.

Jennifer Sinclair 2009

I am currently studying at Brighton uni uk, Fine Art Painting BA.