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Kasia Turajczyk

I dream my own dream, sometimes beautiful, sometimes strange, sometimes painful, and sometimes cheerful. In my creations and in my life I do my best to follow The Four Agreements, the Tao and Buddhism.

I donít really care about being very famous but I am really happy when my art is adored by others, when my paintings make people happy or even unhappy; when people are overcome with emotion When watching my paintings. I would lie if I were to say that I donít care about an audience. I do, and very much so. I need the dialogue with people who appreciate what I am doing.

How to reconcile the wisdom of the Tao, the reality of the modern hard capitalism system and the fact being an artist?

It is also a fact that I think that our existence in a philosophical/cosmic sense is senseless. Compared to the history and the dimension of the universe we humans are nothing. Because of that we shouldnít take ourselves so damn seriously. If we could do this our lives would be 100% more tolerable. From the moment that we are born, we are dying too. The life of the majority of the people consists of a daily war to survive. The majority of people are born and died in poverty. Whatever I, as an individual, try to do to help others it will not change anything. How to reconcile that, with our belief about our greatness, about our uniqueness? Maybe I am too stupid to understand that profound sense of our existence. But nevertheless because we are here on this planet as a part of the universe we should be happy, honest, and free, free in our mind and free to do the best that we can do to become better humans.

So far, I am working on becoming free, free in my mind; the freedom to be who I really am. This is the only freedom I really possess: my thoughts, my feelings, my choices, my vocation and my creations. I am very happy to be able to share my passion with other humans.

I try to express this personal philosophy in my paintings.