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Aleksandra Koper

Aleksandra Koper

Born in 1982, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź with MA degree in sculpture.

Koper: Sculpture is my passion and sense of life. My life is a substance for figures. I am interested in composing, forming and deforming various materials; in different patterns, materials' flexibility, and ways of combining them.

Michael Jackson is an infinite inspiration. I have been studying his case for 20 years. His personality, his body, moves, gestures and the atmosphere of mystery that he created make my life worth living, and encourages my creativity.

Creating Michael's sculpters have been always a theme of majority of
my work reflecting my visions and artistic desires in either
transparent or hidden shapes and forms of my entire portfolio.


2008 - Group exhibiton "Fine Art Academy best graduates" Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź
2008 - Exhibition of sculptures in Gallery 86 in Łódź
2009 - Statue for the city of Konin
2011 - Individual exhibitions "Jackson by Koper" Eternity Group Gallery, Łódź