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Jean Lagadec

“POETIC VISION” - The Work Of Jean Lagadec

Raised and educated in Paris, Jean Lagadec’s artistic interest was nurtured in the 50’s, amongst the art and jazz communities on the Left Bank. His work is now recognised & selling internationally.

Lagadec admits to an interest in the duality between the mundane and the supramundane. His modern creations, mainly based on classical mythological beings express a transcendental vision of abstracted beauty. The viewer must decipher abstract forms which, once the simple lines & hint of shadows are combined, crystallise into clearly defined images. He refuses to adhere to conventional methods of creating perspective but instead developed his own “entailles” (cuts into paper or canvas) technique.

Alongside his modern, minimalist pieces, Lagadec has recently started working with charcoal/graphite & Venetian red/sanguine which, he says, was inspired by his new wife, Zizi. In these more classical pieces, Lagadec still seeks to portray an abstract beauty, but in a more tangible, earthly form.

Lagadec supports the Eastern concept that a work of art is finished only when you cannot take anything more out.