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Antonia Taylor

Antonia Taylor was born in charingcross hospital, london in 1966 at midnight.
from a very young age she has been a natural artist being influenced by her mother Janet Deuters who worked at st martins school of art and was one of very very best creative influences. Tonias has the skills to wipe up beautiful vibrant colourful paintings in a short space of time. she has a nack with faces and figures and likes to embraces her talents to her best ability.

Antonia attended london contempory school of dance at the ages of 18 to 21. and became a professional contempory dancer by the age of 25.

Her job experiences have been working as a usherette in the national film theatre and working as a promotion skater girl for a roller skating company. she has been a full timed child minder through the years of 2000 to 2007, she was a trained life gaurd and is now a part time alzheimers care worker.

Antonia has had the privilege to live in the tropica country of Jamaica for 3 years at the ages of 28 to 31 and has good experience of being in other countries.

Antonia has a number of interestd such as ice skating which she does with her daughter and what inspires her to do her ice skating themed painting, she loves swimming and yoga and of course creative figurative Art.

Antonias latest news would be that she has done a huge number of new paintings that she has yet to put onto her seperate website and sell.