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Jean Christophe GRIGNARD

Attracted by water, Jean-Christophe GRIGNARD obtained a licence in Biological Sciences in 1992 and carried out his report at the Laboratory of Marine Biology at the University of Mons - Hainaut. Fond of photography, he decided to cross the course of amateurism and obtained the photographer diploma in 1999, at the end of a 3 years formation at the Cours des Métiers d’Art du Hainaut.
During his numerous voyages, for work as well for pleasure, he continued his search of images and discovered new horizons through deep-sea diving. Indeed, from 1991 to 1995, he carried out many scientific dives for the laboratory of Marine Biology. He used various techniques of imagery from macro- to microphotography as well as electronic microscopy. “Nature” photography challenged him more and more and what he observed around inspired him.

Through Asia, Africa and Europe, and in particular the Benelux countries, he carried a new and different glance on the "WATER" element. He published several scientific articles. Thereafter, he left the field of scientific research and was interested in environment. He took part in the publication of various booklets for which he provided the iconography. He tried out various techniques to develop his "eye".

Always searching for the image and for new feelings, he obtained various patents of diving. Having acquired a control of the techniques of diving, he launched out in the fascinating world of underwater photography...

Through photography his aim is to preserve and allow others to appreciate the aquatic environment, to show the richness and the bio-diversity of our lakes, seas and oceans. His pictures are not only a manner of being involved in the protection and the appreciation of the aquatic environment but also constitute the expression of a feeling, of fascination and freedom.

These images which are offered to you, combine abstract and aestheticism and, more eloquent than speech, invite you to discover a marvellous world filled with mystery and dreams... "the world of silence".

Underwater photography constitutes a true school of the glance. It recreates an environment, reveals a detail or transcribes an emotion. For that, it is necessary to control completely the material and the light... It is not always possible to impress the film at the best time because it would be necessary to manage the constraints of the aquatic environment. Mistakes, groping, tests, are often the fate of the maturing photographer in search of ... " l’image".