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Adriana Eyzaguirre

I am an artist based in London and I have been living here for over 20 years. I was born in Chile were I studied fine arts both at Uni and independently with Adolfo Couve who is a well loved Chilean painter. Since arriving in the UK, I have divided my time between painting and working with new technologies for companies such as LEGO and PlayStation in creative and leadership roles.

I am a traditional painter using oils and looking at nature to find my subjects. When I had moved arrived in the UK I could only see vast expanses of green. Today, I am lucky enough to have discovered the subtleties of the English light and the harmony in its array of colours. I like to paint while the oil is still fresh so it is important for me to work fast and use quite precise but expressive strokes. For example, I love observing birds and capturing their movements, shapes and colours which requires a lot of observation, a fast hand and lots of memory. I love colour, probably due to my Latin American roots, and I prefer to work in small format canvases.

I have a strong foundation in drawing and I treat it as the structural part of my paintings.