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clair tuczemski

Im a self taught Artist, Poet, Photographer & Jewellery Designer from Staffordshire, UK.
I studied art at highschool & carried on from there. I did not want to follow rules too strongly & aimed to develop & enrich my own passion for all things art with vigour & imagination.

I am an experimental artist & aim to implement various techniques with various media.

Currently, I have sold Works via internet sites. I have testimonials from previous satisfied customers.
I am a photo contributor to a local website where the founder would be pleased to supply refereces.
I will be adding more Artwork on a regular basis.
I am available for commissions in all aspects of my work.

My inspirations are based on Life Experiences, Travel, Love, Wildlife & Nature. To be frank, the list is endless. Ive lived a coloured & at times troubled life. I feel that this gives me a deep insight into many emotions that permeate throughout my pieces.