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Liane Naranjo

My name is Liane Naranjo. I was born in Cuba in 1971.
I found out my skills as a painter during the education of my daughters. In 2009 a draw a painting that caused not only amazed to my family but admiration to all the friends that saw it. I was inspired but this event and I found myself painting continuously. I was impressed with what I was capable of doing and this motivated me to keep going. I put my thoughts, my feelings, my dreams and my erotic self into colours and a canvas form. I felt lifted by my work and inspired by every touch of nature.
I am a self-taught artist interested in different mediums such as water colours, acrylic and drawing. I started painting shapes, trees, playing with colours and contrasts. I enjoy the communication I create through my work, I express myself through my work and my reward comes as I witness the debates and admiration my art causes.
Now I am inspired from people in the real world that display a suggestive posture in my presence. I translate this to the world my eyes and my soul live.