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Lauren Sebastian

Born in London, Lauren spent her childhood growing up by the seaside in Kent. She now happily still lives near the sea and sandy beaches (on the other side of the country in Cornwall), surrounded by the music of 'The Grumpy Gypsy'.

She enjoys travelling, particularly in Europe; the colours in Lauren´s work are especially influenced by the heat and light of southern Spain.

Having experimented with many media, Lauren mainly works with paint, pen and collage now. True to her bookworm reputation, she has almost as many sketchbooks as years to her life! She is inspired by human nature, emotion, spirituality and its relationship with science. Some of Lauren's work is abstracted and some representational - words/poetry play an important part in its development. Her deep interest in the process of healing and meditation seems to be influencing her work presently, as well as the rich and beautiful natural environment that surrounds her...