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Ali Shokri

Ali Shokri was born in Tabriz in the summer of 1982 . The fifth child in a middle class Iranian family.

He recalls from his late father that from the early age, he was different to all his other siblings, fascination of nature and creatures were apparent in him from childhood. This fascination would be more manifested every summer when the family stayed in the summer house the family owned in the rural part of the city on the mountain slopes of the Mount Garadagh. These summer school holidays away from the tumult of the urban life saw the height and pinnacle of young Ali's passion and emotion . At the same time he had this constant apprehension how to express his affiliation with nature. A burning desire to show his appreciation of the nature's beauty . How he could give life to a rock , how he could share with others the time he spent with the trees near the summer house as they grew up together.

Eventually in 2003 all his dreams and passion materialised . Now he could share his feelings with others and manifest all the enthusiasm , elegance and talent he had carried inside for years. He purchased his first digital camera and with it a new chapter in his life opened . He had no hesitation and did not see it as a failure to leave university in the middle of a degree course in IT engineering and put all his love , passion and endeavours into fulfilling his desire to enhance his knowledge in photography.