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Charles  Stuart

When you are really very creative...getting across to your audience just what your work is problematic.
Having to define your work is frustrating and producing more work is much more fun.
People like to be given a soundbite...something simple to label and file things for them...

Sorry but I can't do labels...not for myself.

Artist's often like to create variations on their success' know create a 'look' or a 'style' or a sound, something that defines them and helps them to be presented and understood easily.

...I work in whatever medium I like whenever I like...whatever takes my attention...I like to create work that is meaningful...transcendence would be better.

...the more stunning, beatiful images that I create the better I like it...Painting was what i started out with and I look to Rembrant, picasso, Rothko, Richard Hamilton...his 'Interior II' stunned me at the Tate gallery in 1968/9. I care deeply about surface quality and color as well asthe content of my paintings...

...I photograph and love to create and alter images digitally...I make paintings with video which you can see embedded on this site or on youtube.peterthepainter's channel...

...I make wooden sculpture such as The Icarus work that is here as paintings... I paint with oil on canvas and oil and gouache on paper and board...but I also paint with a camera, a computer and with video...

...My themes are many and varied...some of the work is heavy and some light (like led Zepperlin)...

...Abstract, figurative, expressionist,impressionist, cubist...whatever...It does not bother me...I have no one to please but myself...and my audience is whoever relates to what they see in my work...

Artists can be trapped by financial success and feel they need to repeat that take is this...


...sure selling is fun but if you need the money too much then compromise is your master.

...get up each new day and create with a fresh heart and clear hopefully and make sure not to arrive at disappointment.

...Robert Hughes has the truth about the art market in his film 'The Mona Lisa Curse'....Simple honest truth..I recommend it to you here.

...Where do I come from?...well...Marvel Comics...I used to own Spidey *1, X-Men*1, and many hundreds more...Led Zepperlin, Roxy Music, Jefferson Airplane, Mozart, Beethoven, Satie, Joseph Heller, Scott Fitzgerald, A L Kennedy, Donna Tart, Ridley Scott, Kurosawa, Orson Welles, Don Mc Cullin, Bruce Davidson, Robert Hughes and hundreds more great artists, writers, musicians etc.

Have style not 'a style' Be your own boss...and don't let the b*****ds grind you down...

Charles peterthepainter Stuart ...13 : 27 pm Monday 27 October 2010

CHAOS - Shown regularly on Classic FMtv as "Gnosienne No.1, Eric Satie' - Piano Branca Parlic.

CHAOS - Shown at Q Gallery Derby, April 2003 as part of Rgional Filmakers Exhibition.

CHAOS- Gymnopedies - Film commission by Artcare, Salisbury Hospital for Patient Line tv.

SYNAESTHESIA - Current commission working with Threshold Studios on "Synaesthesia" DVD

His paintings and original prints are included in the following
public collections

Central television(Carlton TV)
Manchester City Art Gallery
Usher Gallery, Lincoln
The Library, Long Eaton
Schools Resource Centre, Derby
Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
The Library Grays, Essex
Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery
Cambridgeshire Libraries
Wakefield Art Galleries and Museums
Museums Education Service, Northampton
Hull City Museums and Art Galleries
Bassetlaw General Hospital
Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham
North Yorkshire County Library
Humberside Leisure Services
Leeds City Schools Loan Services
Leeds Art Gallery
St Pancras Library, London
Norfolk County Council, Norwich
London Borough of Hounslow Arts and Recreation Department
Gloucestershire County Library
Kirklees Metropolitan Council Leisure Services, Huddersfield
Greenwich Library, London
London Borough of Lewisham
Sunderland Libraries Department
Hertfordshire County Council
Warwick District Council
Ilford Central Library Essex
Nottingham Schools Resource Centre
The Leicestershire Collection for Schools and Colleges


Midland Group Gallery, 11 August - 29 September 1979
Rufford Craft Centre, August 1983
Derby Playhouse, March 1984
Castle Museum Art Gallery Nottingham, June 1984

Group Shows

Leicester City Open


General Hospital Nottingham, 1984 -1986