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Danny Sumbler

Danny is a Self taught visionary/outsider artist with Tourettes syndrome who was born in Brighton though now resides in the West Country.
Danny is also a singer-songwriter who has penned over 500 compositions and has testimonials from Johnny Cash's ex producer. This prolific 'Tourettian' has also written two books of a visionary nature.

Here is Danny in his own words below:

"My art comes from my inner child; it is inner child art. The inner child is the
one who knows all, for it's soul is unclouded, incorruptible - it is unique and
it's uniqueness has all answers; everybody's inner child does. If you let it
befriend your inner demons then magic does occur, quite simply. I then just work
at a canvas until something comes out of it; I work with it and it morphs. I may
begin painting a man with wings, yet two hours later it may become a woman in a
bath. I let it paint itself."