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Yevgeny  Gorbachev

Yevgeny Gorbachev is a professional artist. Now he lives and works in Israel. He is specialized on the oil and acrylic paint on canvas. Participating in the personal and group exhibitions in Europe,Israel and Canada, working in the cinema and in the theatre. Yevgeny works in different styles but a preference gives to surrealism.
Yevgeny's paintings create the metamorphoses of characters. We can see the silhouette of young beautiful woman by mysterious character turns into a lion. The face of snow queen appears through twinkling of night luminaries and spinnings snowflakes. The artist very thinly feels a verge between visible and implied. In this way Yevgeny represents the supervisions on canvas. As if scientist giving discoveries to humanity master exposes secrets of subconsciousness before us. Works give not only aesthetic pleasure but call to the reflections about eternal among the routine of everyday life.

1994-1998 Grekov College of Arts, Odessa, Ukraine, Master Painter.

Work experience
1993-1997 Theatre and movie scenography design, Odessa, Ukraine.
1997 Group exhibition in the National Painters Party Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine.
1998 Group exhibition in the National Painters Party Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine.
1998 Personal exhibition in the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra Hall, Ukraine.
2003 Personal exhibition "The art of dreaming" at the inauguration of the Yad Lebanim Gallery in Hadera, Israel.
2004 Group exhibition "Summer-2003" in the Yad Lebanim Gallery in Hadera, Israel.
2005 Group exhibition "The art of love", Oxo Gallery, London.
2006 Group exhibition, Bibilio Gallery, Moskow.
2007 Group exhibition "The Discerning Eye", Mall Gallery, London.
2009 Group exhibition "Bridges" for 300 years of St.Peterburg in the Gallery of Um Al-Fahm, Israel.
2010 Personal exhibition "Railways Art" in the Railway Museum in Haifa, Israel.
2011 Group exhibition, Laurentin Feller Gallery, Nuremberg.
2013 Group exhibition, Art Gallery of Hamilton's Spaing Show and Sale, Ontario, Canada.
2015 Personal exhibition "My City and Surrounding Area" in the "Khan" historical museum in Hadera, Israel.
2005-2016 Theatre and movie scenography desing, Israel.