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Wendy Thompson

An established artist with many high profile commissions to date in a mix of style and media. Her ever creative mind has now found a fresh new look, bold colours and shapes in a more geometric abstraction style. Sharp lines, colours and tones give it a more engineered, constructed, solid, more powerful look. With the first completed piece gaining many new fans and favourable comments, the complete collection will surely raise the bar for her, again!

Unlike most of her contemporaries, her success has not followed a conventional line from Art School education to London Gallery scene. In fact, Thompson has shaped her own destiny; creating exhibitions and residencies rather than waiting to be discovered.

Thompson celebrates the élan of Abstract life on her own terms; her inventive geometric, colourful paintings are explorations of the way in which the gaze takes in the different milieus of life, finding connectivity through the shared actions of the worlds activity in abstraction.

Thompson’s paintings work like related narratives, evoking a sense of continuity and change. Central to their meanings is the permeability of forms with the air that surrounds them, and in that space, leave the air thick with colour, thoughts and memories of a world through the artists eyes.