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Tessa Thonett

Tessa Hodson (1952) first went to Farnham Art School, Surrey, for an exciting year's Foundation Course, where she learnt many skills and techniques in a very alive atmosphere. This was followed by three years at Chelsea School of Art in the early '70s, when it was still on the King's rd. Although she studied Graphics and Illustration, she started painting portraits at that time, back in her attic studio, ever fascinated by the human face.
She left England in 1978 and continued to paint portraits throughout her colourful life, travelling and living in America (8 years), Brazil (16 years) and Cameroon, Africa (3 years), continually enthralled by the ever different faces of humankind.
While living abroad, she held private exhibitions in San Francisco, USA and then in Vitoria, ES, Florianopolis, SC, and Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil. Then on her return to the UK, after a period recovering from cancer, she had work exhibited at Excel and an exhibition in Fulham, followed by a joint exhibition with her husband at the Allan Gallery, Alton, in 2014, as well as a one man show in 2014 in the Flora Twort Gallery, Petersfield, and another in Kensington, London, in 2016. Her commissions and other work are in private collections and galleries throughout the world. When she is not working on a commission she paints or draws any faces that attract her.